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    KIDS ROOM INSPIRATION // Secretly I wish they were mine

    As Leo grows out of his cot, I have been brainstorming ideas for a new bedroom "look". Purely out of boredom and the fact that when he turns 7, he will most likely form an opinion and his room will become over-ridden with Lego, Hulk, Spiderman (all those gross things us mums roll our eyes at). So I have posted a few of my favourites below. Secretly I wish my bedroom could look half as awesome as one of these but I have to share it with Damien, and his taste is kinda neutral (ummm bland.)

    Dream Kiddos Room 1

    Kiddos Room 2

    Kiddos Room 3

    Kiddos Room 4

    Leo will be getting the study when (A BIG WHEN) I have another kiddo. It'll be sad for me to let this room go as I've "Amyfied" it, but it has an awesome loft like the above and I think he'll love that to sleep in!

    Kiddos room 5

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    I'mmmmm Baaaackkk! A different way of thinking.

    Hello and finally I am BACK!

    So I’ve decided to write a blog. I just thought it was completely necessary to contribute to more of junk on the world of online blogging. But hey, why not an another thing to my list of 5000 things to do each day.

    I find my days are just made up of me “trying” to find things to do. Owning and running your own business takes a massive chunk out of my week, but in the times where I am required to sit on the ground and attempt to be interested in Lego while my son jumps all over me, I HAVE to find something more productive to do while sitting down. That being my LOVE for Pinterest. Pinterest for me is like crack. I am OBSESSED. I would actually trade time with my husband for it. Horrible I know, but it the truth. I find my world immersed in others, mainly dreaming of the house or garden I know I’ll never have. I pin hundreds of photos of food, hoping to make that damn poached pear and caramelised quince polenta blah blah blah, but instead, I only have time to make instant custard, which honestly tastes like shit. The reality of life hey? Check out the recipes I've pinned to cook in another lifetime here.

    This week I vowed that I would use more “words” with my son, Leo. Someone last week told me to talk to my child like he’s an adult, like "oh yeah just eat a few more spoonfuls and you can have dessert". I’m pretty sure that translates to gobble gobble goop goop dessert? And then he has a breakdown because dessert was mentioned and it’s a no show. That’s an ongoing issue in my place right now. This week we are on a strict egg and corn diet. No, I am not forcing that on my child, that is what he demands, so my culinary skills can be on a break for a while until he’s old enough to care that i’ve actually spent 2 hours cooking “healthy treats” for him in the kitchen.

    Anyway, I’ll see you all at the end of the week, or maybe next week. It really just depends on how well I commit to this. There’s only three things I’ve ever committed to; and they are, my husband, raring a child and my LOVE for ice cream. So fingers crossed I canned another to the list!

    Until then!

    x Amy

    Penut Butter Fro Yo

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    House Love - Interiors

    House Love

    Everyone has a dream to own a house. Preferably without the gigantic mortgage, but if it's well worth the endless hard work to come home to a gorgeous space, then that's just the perfect dream isn't it!? Below are some inspiration ideas for my future home, wherever and whenever that may be! xx Amy

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    BathroomI'm loving these subway tiles for a bathroom
    Herb TinsA great way to mix up your plantation of herbs!
    OnsenI dream of an onsen. Not a pool.
    Pastel Painted ChairsFor the kitchen, pastel painted chairs. Just love!
    Fan on VerandahIn the hot Aussie weather, what better to have on your verandah but a fan!
    White KithenAs you can see, I have a hankering for white!
    Blob ShelfWhat a great way to enhance your shelf! This would look great in the kitchen!

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    Pom Pom Porn!

    Pom Pom in Hair

    Who loves Pom Poms? Come on, you know you're a sucker for a multi coloured fluff ball of wool! Pom poms have been the latest craze from pillows to beanies and even decorative garlands. We have found our favourite pom pom arrangements and have delightfully shared them with you! Enjoy it pom peeps!

    Pom Pom Coaster

    Pom Pom PillowLOVE this Pom Pom Pillow by CubbyLove

    Pom Pom Balloon

    Pom Pom Garland