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Holding a Market stall - hints and tips!

When you’re a small business, you often wonder how you can make your company known. If you are selling any sort of craft/handmade items, we would strongly suggest you set up a market stall at a popular market. We regularly hold markets in Sydney, as this is a great way for us to sell off our stock, meet new people and most importantly, build up our customers! Here are a few hints and tips for holding a market stall successfully.



Hint One: Scope out your ideal market

Every market is different. Some are markets purely sell second hand and old bric a brac items. You will be hard pressed to find someone who will want to pay full priced for your items. Have a look around for any local designers markets or even general markets for an ideal stall space.

Hint Two: Products

Make sure you have plenty of stock. If you have an online store, try and separate your stock so you don’t risk it being damaged or stolen. Keep it well protected and covered and try to package it in airtight boxes at the end of the day. It’s important to keep a record of what you are selling and what you have sold. Too many times we have been caught out on this one!


Hint Three: Appeal

People are attracted to colourful and vibrant things. Try and make your stall look appealing. Sew up some calico tablecloths and use old draws and suitcases for showcasing your products. You don’t need to have proper shelving or plastic display as that will make your stall look too off-putting.  Keep all of your prices reasonable and your price tags looking neat. Try and print or stamp them as writing looks a little armature. Usually your display items will be the biggest selling point! Almost everyone asks me how much my nanna's vintage suitcase costs. That is one item I couldn’t bear to sell!

Hint Four: Practicality

Invest in a marquee! If it rains, it rains, but if it is sunny, you will burn! It is also nice for your customers to come into a space and feel comfortable. Keep your stall neat and tidy, and hide all boxes of stock under the table. 

Hint Five: Hospitality

Try and be on your feet all the time. Say “hello” to everyone that walks by and don’t shout out what you are selling as that is a BIG deterrent to people. We usually have a doggy bowl full of water for people who have brought their little friends along for a look too. A bowl of wrapped lollies also lures the kids in, which also then brings the adults!


Most importantly, have fun. You are there for business, but you are also there to represent your company. People are at markets to relax, and so should you!

Email us through your hints, tips and market photos to info@foxandbeau.com.au!